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Preserving those precious memories October 26, 2011

As a mother, there’s always that longing to stop time and just watch your children as they are at that moment. Sometimes, you’d even wish that they wouldn’t grow up so fast. If you’re that kind of mother (like me), the next best thing is to capture them in pictures. And in this digital age, that isn’t too hard and too expensive – vs. using film. I, for one, have always been into capturing moments even as a child and now, with children and all, the digital camera is my best friend.

And so I’ve taken the pictures, uploaded them in my pc, organized them by month, backed-up on DVDs… it’s the album-making step that’s really a hassle. Though its fun and one of my stress relievers, finding time to sit down and be on my own is the hard part.

I thank the heavens (and my cousin-in-law) for introducing me to Photobook Philippines! Unlike most photobook makers in Manila, this one gives you the option to actually MAKE your own album – you choose the pictures, you lay them out, you edit, modify, change to your heart’s content, you order and pay for the album, you receive it in your doorstep. No more going to the developing center, cutting out pictures, buying scrapbooking stuff… It’s as easy as opening your pc and starting on you project. For me, its the ideal alternative when you don’t have the time to make your own albums.


  1. Download the free software. This took me more than 3 hours at home on a wifi network.
  2. Scan the downloaded software with your anti-virus software
  3. Run the .exe to install the software.
  4. Open it and follow the wizard to create your album.


pre-requisite: you must have downloaded the free software above

note: ready made books do NOT have additional charges when ordering/paying for your photobook (at least, at the time of this post)

  1. Download the ready made book you want to use. Note that file is OS specific (i.e. either MAC or Windows). This takes about 30-45 minutes in my home wifi network.
  2. Scan the downloaded template with your anti-virus software
  3. Run or double-click file to install
  4. Once install is complete, open the Photobook Designer
  5. Select Existing Project and navigate your way to the name of the ready made book/template. Note that you cannot save this project using your own file name.
  6. Click on Open
  7. Follow the wizard to create album.


  • On the left panel, click on the plus (“+”) sign to add a folder of pictures. Use the icon next to the “+” sign to categorise your pictures by folders
  • From you windows explorer, organize pictures by different  folders. Add only the pictures you intend to use. Having a lot of pictures in one folder will slow down the application.
  • You can rotate the picture in the picture panel by right clicking
  • Use only high resolution pictures – 300 dpi and dimensions of at least 1000 dpi for length and width – especially if you are using the Large sizes of books
  • When you are using templates, a picture can overflow between picture boxes
  • When using templates, you can change the template of the page by deleting it and copying another page’s template
  • You can add text, frames, shadows to your pictures
  • You can add more pages to your album. If I’m not mistaken, its about P42 (at this time) a page for the default kind of paper
  • Payment is made via credit card through paypal (though you do not need to be registered with paypal)
  • Upload of album takes 30-35 minutes (for 60 pages) depending on your network speed. There is a test button that you can use to estimate how long it will upload.

Can’t wait for my album to arrive. I will let you know my feedback as soon as I get it.


One Response to “Preserving those precious memories”

  1. arturo alindada Says:

    May I know how long it took for your photo book to arrive?

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