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Where to find the great balls of thread (yarn) March 20, 2012

I’ve gotten into motherhood not long ago – my eldest being just 5 years old – and now, I’ve moved on to grannyhood! No, I don’t have a grandchild. What I do have is an addiction for crocheting πŸ™‚ I’ve scoured the internet for projects – ambitious or otherwise – free patterns and materials – crochet hooks and yarns. Unfortunately, since crocheting is not very popular here in the Philippines, I haven’t come across online suppliers that are selling other yarns that are not available in the malls. Moreover, the materials are not readily available anywhere. But, just like my past addictions (bead-making and scrapbooking), I’ve left no stone unturned looking for the cheapest prices and widest selections of yarn.

Here are my findings:

1. Heavenly Stitch (@ most SM Malls) – thy carry Cannon brand (by Coats) for 55 Php solid color and 65 Php multicolor; around 15 colors in the SM North Edsa branch. They also have the hairy yarn – Familia brand and Red Heart yarn – for about 20 php to 30 php. I’m not too sure how many colors there are for the hairy yarn because I’m not interested in them.

2. Notions at SM Department Store. Monaco and Cannon – 52.75Php for the solid color yarn and 59.75 Php for the multicolor. About 25 colors for Monaco and 7 for Cannon at SM North Edsa

3. Expressions (selected branches; Ever Gotesco Commonwealth) – 62-65Php.; about 10 colors

4. Cherry Fooderama (Congressional) – 41.75 Php for solid color, not sure about multicolored. They have both Monaco – about 20 colors – and Cannon – about 5 colors

The 4 colors I bought from Cherry Fooderama, Congressional

5. Kamuning Market (Del’s stall) – my personal favorite! 38Php for solid, 40 Php for multicolored; 35 Php for wholesale (3 or more pcs). About 35 colors for Monaco! 10 colors for Cannon. They have Anchor also but very limited and lots of Monaco Acrylic yarn (hairy type).

Lovely colors for a baby girl from Kamuning market. I wish I hadn't splurged so much in SM so I could have bought more in Kamuning.

Need I say more Β for my favorite???

Edited (4/18/2012)

To add to the list:

6. Johanna’s Threadmart (Visayas avenue, near Tandang Sora) sells the Monaco balls at Php 30.50! And the selection is wide – 40-50 colors.


14 Responses to “Where to find the great balls of thread (yarn)”

  1. have you discovered ravelry?

  2. Amy Says:

    Thanks for your info πŸ™‚ You forgot to check out Carolina’s in SM Mega, it’s one of the cheapest and best sources of yarn. But I forgot their prices. Also try VC Trading in Farmer’s Cubao–the Monaco and Cannon threads are also cheaper. I think the solids are around P33-P36 per ball.

    • reeseyenko Says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t go to megamall anymore – its just too crowded and far from our place. I need to update this because I found another one.

  3. Says:

    Can I have directions to Johanna’s Threadmart please? =)

    • reeseyenko Says:

      From QC memorial circle, take Visayas avenue. Go straight, past Congressional intersection where there’s a stoplight. The next break in the island, make U-turn. It’s on the right side with a pink sign. You may miss it because it’s where all the jeeps park (not load, but park)

  4. Kim Says:

    Dreams is selling the 128 meter of the local red heart instead of just the 35 meters you see being sold in bookstores.

    • reeseyenko Says:

      yup πŸ™‚ the supersaver πŸ™‚ i have a pic of that in my post. i still find the assortment of colors too limiting. they have about a dozen of supersaver colors if i’m not mistaken but i like how monaco has 5 different shades of green or red or yellow and so on. of course, i sacrifice the thickness of the thread. although, i really love the lion brand cotton ease i bought from there, wished they had all the colors available from that type.

  5. reeseyenko Says:

    yup, i have a post on Dreams πŸ™‚ i went there and bought several but it is expensive and limited colors for one type. i can’t use different brands for one project and i don’t want to be limited by colors so i settle for the local Monaco :p

  6. Bheng Says:

    I would like to invite you to my yarn and accessories destashing πŸ™‚ I have amassed 4years worth of collection.. yarns , hooks, knitting needles, book sin different languages.. I’m selling cotton yarns local and imported as well..

    thank you πŸ™‚

  7. Bheng Says:

    You have to also try the Rosario Bodega Store.. they sell cheaper yarns and threads in various types πŸ™‚

  8. bheng Says:

    heheeh sakay ka ng Rosario na jeep sa may gilid ng robinson’s Galleria πŸ™‚ tapos sabihin mo sa driver baba ka sa may rosario na palengke.. sa kanto un eh kitang kita puro yarns :0 after ng isa or 2 tulay πŸ™‚ ang crochet thread dun sold by the kilo πŸ™‚ sulit na sulit πŸ™‚ ehheeheheh 100 grams and 200 grams balls, sometimes more πŸ™‚ hope you’ll be able to find it πŸ™‚ nakakatuwa.. kaso medyo maalikabok kasi bodega tlaga πŸ™‚ I’d like to invite you to my fb page din πŸ™‚ may store na kasi ako dun πŸ™‚ i’ll sell imported yarns and other hobby related stuff πŸ™‚

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