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Food/Resto Review: Burgoo (Tomas Morato) March 25, 2012

I purchased a Deal Grocer voucher of a Burgoo set meal for 4 last January with the intent of using it for my birthday. And birthday came this March so off we used it last Saturday.

The voucher included salad, Seafood Au Gratin, Cream Dory Milanese, Cajun shrimps and a full slab of ribs. Since there were 8 of us and the meal was set for 4, I ordered a few more dishes – Sampler (onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fries, wings), Boneless Buffalo wings, Spaghetti Meatballs Bolongese. I must say that all the dishes except for Seafood Au Gratin and Cream Dory Milanese arrived room temperature. The taste was so-so and I was less impressed and a little disappointed with the overall experience. The only saving grace was the accommodating staff and the very helpful security guard who escorted each and every one of us alighting from and to the car as it was pouring that night.

Here’s a summary of the good and the bad.


  1. Dishes served at room temperature
  2. Spaghetti meatball Bolognese was so dry and unappealing. Considering that it is such a simple dish and worth P395, I would think Jollibee would have done a better job had they had it in their menu.
  3. The fries being served at room temperature is an utter let down. No fries at room temp is good.
  4. The ribs were okay. Nothing impressive. It’s not the fall-off-the-bone type
  5. The place gave me the impression that it is a wholesome family oriented place since they had drawing paper and crayons for every table however, they didn’t have a changing table. I think I just got used to the Ayala malls too much. Would have been nice to have one.


  1. The staff was helpful and accommodating.
  2. Overall the restaurant was clean.
  3. Good for children as they provide crayons and drawing paper as their table “cloth”
  4. Big TV
  5. Conference room for events like baptism or special parties.

Will I dine there again? Maybe not… It’s actually not that bad, it’s just that I can think of other restaurants out there with the same food, same price category that do better.


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