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Handmade with love April 24, 2012

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I’ve been very busy the past March and April. I didn’t even have time to post during the hot days of Holy Week! And why? it’s all because of CROCHET! So far, I’ve made a baby poncho, several hats and several granny squares for an ambitious afghan – but that’s hibernating right now :p Don’t expect any booties right now because so far, they just don’t interest me.

These are the boys with their caps. N’s cap is just a simple beanie. I haven’t learned how to properly decrease at that time so his cap had bits of gaps in them. SKY’s cap is a bobble beret (bulutong cap as i call it).

Boys with their caps

I learned how to bobble (popcorn stitch) via youtube from mikeyssmail

Bobble bonnet

This is a baby kingston cap for my girl. And yet again, I learned from youtube the Crochet Geek

Kingston cap


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