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Ube and cheese baby socks May 20, 2012

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I saw this sock pattern and adapted it to my size of thread. Since my thread is not elastic, I switched to sc-ch1/skip 1-sc to give it a little stretch.

Violet and yellow baby socks

Magic circle sc 10
2 sc in each sc (20)
1 sc in next 1, 2sc (30)
1 sc in next 2, 2sc (40)
sc around 9 times (optionally you can switch to sc-ch-sc; keeping the same # of st)

change color

work 16 rounds until the ankle, do not break yarn

for the ankle, work 11 rounds

pick up violet color and continue rounds until desired length

shell st: sc in ch1 sp, 6 DC in next ch 1 sp, skip 1 ch1 sp, sc in next ch1 sp


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