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The battle of bottles June 3, 2012

So many bottle choices out there! There’s Dr. Brown’s, Pigeon, Evenflo, Tommee Tippee, Avent, Chicco, Medela, Playtex and the list goes on and on… and these are just the most common ones sold in the Philippines! So what do I use?

I’ve been using Avent since my first child. Back then in 2006, the bottles were BPA-full. Yes, “full” as the BPA-free bottles were not yet available. The upside of those bottles were that they never leaked and they were clear as glass. However, the plastic seems brittle and after one child using for at least a year it looks like it’s been through hell – little cracks form at the bottom corners where the plastic rounds up.  For my second child, I went back to my trusty Avent but used the cloudy white BPA-free bottles. It’s BPA-free and it’s not as brittle as the original one. The downside is that it leaks occasionally. The trick is to secure the ring to the bottle first instead of the ring to the teat/white ring part when you close the bottle. I’ve discovered that it does not leak in this manner. Also, do not over-tighten when closing the bottle. When you turn it to close, stop when its secure already. Over-tightening it tends to make it leak as well.

Right way – bottle and ring. Proven lessens chances of leaking

Wrong way – ring with white ring and teat. From experience, bottle tends to leak more.

Later on, when my 2nd child was about 1 year old and still drinking from the bottle, I got bored with Avent’s lack of design and decided to try the wide-neck Chicco. I was attracted to the cute design actually and seeing that it was wide-neck also, I thought maybe the teats maybe interchanged. And voila! they do fit each other and does not leak! Nice!

Avent teat with Chicco bottle

The bottle is slender and baby can actually hold it in one hand only.

slender Chicco bottle

The Chicco big bottle is sold with a variable flow teat that is either silicone or rubber so be sure to check which one you’re buying. The downside is that this is only available in the department stores. I haven’t seen it from online suppliers here or abroad. (I wonder why). So it is a bit pricey – around P599 (if i remember correctly) – compared to Avent which can be bought for P600-700 for a 2-pack on

On another note, I’d like to try glass bottles. They are more sanitary and the breastmilk nutrients do not stick to glass. I actually have 4 bottles but I only use it for storing breastmilk and even then, it’s prone to leaking when I use it during pumping. It seems that when there’s milk on the part that connects to the bottle, the milk attracts each other and flows out. In the department stores, I ‘ve seen Pigeon and Evenflo sell glass bottles. Why not try it? 2 reasons – 1) they are not wide-neck and thus, it may interfere with baby’s breastfeeding (but since, she’s already 6 months, maybe this is not too much of a concern; 2) using glass bottles need extra care for obvious reasons.


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