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Lessons of an Atenista mom: Prep Series #2 September 15, 2012

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IDs  are very important! In the office, we use it to get in and out of the office, for our attendance and mainly our identification. Likewise, it is essential in a school boy’s life. A few years after my brother graduation from the Ateneo High School, they implemented a bar-coded ID system whereby attendance is monitored by a swipe system. In the Ateneo primary school now, the ID is used for identification and borrowing of books in the library.

In prep, since it is the boys’ first year in the Ateneo, it was given sometime in August. Our son was issued his ID and lost it in a span of 4 weeks! He just went home without an ID on a Friday and we realized he had none come Monday morning. We waited for a few days in the hope that it will turn up sooner than later yet, it did not. We decided to request for a new one. I was surprised at how quick they made it and how lenient they were on requirements. You can get the replacement ID on the spot and no identification was necessary. Personally, I think they should have at least  asked for my husband’s ID, just for security purposes.


Lessons of an Atenista mom: Prep series

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So its’s September already and my son has been going to Ateneo  for 3 months now. It seems to me he’s adjusted and doing fairly well – better than we expected :p We have also adjusted and learned a few things along the way:

  • 6 am is not a bad time to drop off your son. If you think, it’s too early… it’s NOT. A lot of kids are there by 6am!
  • expect homework everyday!
  • but doing HW everyday lessens the intensity for which you have to review for exams – which is a good thing, right?
  • check your son’s PALS and GLTP folder and sign your QCs! –> what do these mean? you’ll find out 🙂
  • snacks should be placed in reusable food containers.
  • have extra nameplates and level patches made and in stock. They wear their khaki uniform 3x a week, so have 4-5 pieces done in case they lose their uniform or bring home someone else’s uniform – yes it has happened in the span of 3 months.
  • buy pants that are 2-3 inches longer so you can adjust mid-year
  • pencils and erasers will get lost, crayons diminish over time so have extras in stock



Ku Ku Duckbill September 8, 2012

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I love the excitement of discovering a kids and baby store that has either unique products or cheap prices whether online or at the mall. My newest discovery is at Market! Market!, Taguig and its cutely named Ku Ku Duckbill. It has its own product line but carries other brands as well, like Next 9 diapers.

Good finds are:
-organic towels
-Pocoyo clothes and slippers
-Next 9 diaper inserts (P300 for 3)



Pocoyo clothes

sippy cups, training underpants, mittens and booties

Other noticeable goods:
-foam bib
-sippy cups
-breast pump
-wide range of cutlery set for baby (ranging from P80-P180)
-toilettries and detergents for babies

For now, they only have one branch which is at Market! Market! They will soon open in Festivall Mall, Alabang. Ku Ku Duckbill is a Taiwanese brand of baby and children’s products.


Delicate Doilys September 2, 2012

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Now, I’ve just completed my doily wave. I was curious and always have been challenged by doilys. Though they are common in our grandparents’ homes, I’ve always seen them as works of art and so I just had to challenge myself.

My 3 doilys – multicolor star doily, white mini star doily and green mini pineapple doily. All made using Monaco mercerized cotton thread.

The star doilies. Top one is multicolored – using 3 threads: apple green, magenta and powder blue. White doily used 1 thread only.

I love my green mini pineapple doily. Needs stiffening with starch spray.

Star doily pattern

Mini pineapple doily pattern