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Delicate Doilys September 2, 2012

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Now, I’ve just completed my doily wave. I was curious and always have been challenged by doilys. Though they are common in our grandparents’ homes, I’ve always seen them as works of art and so I just had to challenge myself.

My 3 doilys – multicolor star doily, white mini star doily and green mini pineapple doily. All made using Monaco mercerized cotton thread.

The star doilies. Top one is multicolored – using 3 threads: apple green, magenta and powder blue. White doily used 1 thread only.

I love my green mini pineapple doily. Needs stiffening with starch spray.

Star doily pattern

Mini pineapple doily pattern


2 Responses to “Delicate Doilys”

  1. I love that multi-coloured star doily! I am currently making a collection of doilies to transform into a runner but I don’t find them all that inspiring to make individually…I’m only on my second one so far! Hopefully I will begin to feel motivated as I start making progress!

    • reeseyenko Says:

      Thanks 🙂 it really looks more lively than the picture. I too am not inspired by making individual motifs. I’d rather make one big continuous project than small ones that need to be sewn together.

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