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Lessons of an Atenista mom: Prep Series #2 September 15, 2012

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IDs  are very important! In the office, we use it to get in and out of the office, for our attendance and mainly our identification. Likewise, it is essential in a school boy’s life. A few years after my brother graduation from the Ateneo High School, they implemented a bar-coded ID system whereby attendance is monitored by a swipe system. In the Ateneo primary school now, the ID is used for identification and borrowing of books in the library.

In prep, since it is the boys’ first year in the Ateneo, it was given sometime in August. Our son was issued his ID and lost it in a span of 4 weeks! He just went home without an ID on a Friday and we realized he had none come Monday morning. We waited for a few days in the hope that it will turn up sooner than later yet, it did not. We decided to request for a new one. I was surprised at how quick they made it and how lenient they were on requirements. You can get the replacement ID on the spot and no identification was necessary. Personally, I think they should have at least  asked for my husband’s ID, just for security purposes.


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