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A Little Girl’s Dress February 8, 2013

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This is my first attempt at a toddler’s dress and I must say, it turned out pretty well! After weeks of looking for the right pattern – something that was easy enough to follow – and the right design – something cute but versatile, I found one and started it. After 1 failed attempt – something too small – i restarted almost immediately and found myself doing it on my own without the pattern. I just needed to know the start and the shell and the rest was history.

My little girl's dress

My little girl’s dress

There is just one problem to it – the shoulders straps were too long, this time. The first failed attempt was having the shoulder straps to short and narrow, it would not fit comfortably in my baby’s arm. But longer can be remedied manually with a button and removed when she’s bigger and the length added to later on as well.

For this one, I used this pattern as guide and adjusted it to my yarn. I started the pattern with these… adjustments in parenthesis. 

I used Yarn Source Manila’s light worsted yarn in Orchid and Fuschia.

ch 150 + 3 (143 +3)

1st row: DC on 4th ch from hook, 14 DC (15), 3 DC in ch (first corner made), 46 DC (38) , 3DC in ch (second corner made), 28 DC (30), 3DC in ch(third corner made), 46 DC (38), 3 DC in ch (fourth corner made), 14 DC (15)

Continue until you reach the desired width of the shoulder strap.

Make the shoulders/sleaves by skipping stitches between the 1st corner and 2nd corner. From the last DC before the 1st corner, DC onto the 1st DC after the 2nd corner.

Continue the rounds until you reach the desired length of the body.

For the skirt, Shell (2 DC -ch1 – 2DC) and join to close the rounds

Crochet a trim onto the shoulders with shell. Add embelishment.

Add a little embelishment.

Add a little embelishment.


Crochet finds at Baguio City February 5, 2013

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When I picked up crochet as a serious hobby less than a year ago, I developed a heightened interest in handmade and local things. I realized the effort of the creative process and the labor of love that went into each item. And although handmade stuff cost relatively more than commercially-made items, I am willing to spend a little more just to patronize creativity.

In our recent trip to Baguio, my eye instantly caught these cute crochet items.

Strawberry keychains

Strawberry keychains

Crocheted coin purse

Crocheted coin purse

Toddler's Crocheted Dress. They use a wide headband for the torso and crochet a skirt on it.

Toddler’s Crocheted Dress. They use a wide headband for the torso and crochet a skirt on it.

Corcheted Strawberry potholder.

Corcheted Strawberry potholder.

These pictures were taken at Strawberry Fields, La Trinidad Valley but most items are available anywhere else in Baguio. The interesting thing about this is that the pople who make them follow no pattern at all. While free patterns are abundant in Raverly and Pinterest, these natives of Baguio just rely on hand-me-down knowledge or pure creativity to come up with such designs – AWESOME!





Why do I breastfeed? Because I never had to rock or dance my baby to sleep. February 4, 2013

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Baby nurses herself to sleepYes, my 2 breastfed children never had to be rocked or danced to sleep by me. Of course, the nanny had to do it when I was away but I only had to give ’em the boobies and it instantly lulled them to sleep. They would even fight off sleep once latched on and its cute how their eyelids would droop and they’d make an effort to open them but eventually succumb to slumber after a few. Yes, its that easy 🙂 – no tantrums, no kicking and fighting, no excuses.

The only downside to this is that I have to be with them at sleeping time at night. This means, no partying or staying out late for mommy – but I don’t really mind. My priorities have changed and there is nowhere I’d rather be than… stuck to my child’s latch or rather, my child stuck to me until she wanders off to dreamland.


My trip to Hangar Market {Baguio}

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I heard that Baguio has yarns to sell. Well, why not, since a lot of knitted, hand-woven and crocheted items are made there because of the cold weather. So when I heard of Baguio trip in the plans, I took the chance and hauled over the whole family there. Besides, we haven’t been there since my eldest was born 6 years ago and none of the kids have been there so it would be a good chance for the kids to experience something new.

On the last day of our stay, I really had to see for myself what Baguio yarns are all about so off we went to Baguio Central Market. From my research, which consists of asking a store seller caught-in-the-act of making a crocheted dress and our hotel concierge, we found ourselves to the right of the Central Market. From Session road, turn Right and take the pedestrian overpass. I suggest you park at Session Road and walk the rest of the way because there is no legal parking from what we saw. Enter the market and turn right and go straight until you see enter the “gulayan” – that is known as the Hangar Market. When the main path splits into a fork, take the left side going up. Walk a little more. When you see an alley to your left and a staircase, turn right and go up the staircase – the 1st yarn shop should be behind you.

Hangar Market yarn

The first yarn shop at the staircase

Don’t expect all the yarns lined up neatly on the shelves because they are not. The store sellers will help you with the color that you’d like but you are free to dig in as well.


They spin the yarn here as well.

spinning yarn

There are 2 more yarn shops on the 2nd floor. The one is in the middle of the floor, somewhere between the alleys and the other is directly the opposite side, at the top of another staircase.

I bought these lovely pastel colors which I could never get at the online shop I buy from. I am excited to make something out of it! – a summer dress maybe? In hindsight, I should have bought multiple skeins — aaargh!

pastel baguio yarn