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embracing mother-ing and all its glory – from wet diapers, spit-ups, tantrums to first smiles, hug-a-bugs and sweet cuddles

Why do I breastfeed? Because I never had to rock or dance my baby to sleep. February 4, 2013

Filed under: Breastfeeding,Parenting — reeseyenko @ 10:01 am

Baby nurses herself to sleepYes, my 2 breastfed children never had to be rocked or danced to sleep by me. Of course, the nanny had to do it when I was away but I only had to give ’em the boobies and it instantly lulled them to sleep. They would even fight off sleep once latched on and its cute how their eyelids would droop and they’d make an effort to open them but eventually succumb to slumber after a few. Yes, its that easy 🙂 – no tantrums, no kicking and fighting, no excuses.

The only downside to this is that I have to be with them at sleeping time at night. This means, no partying or staying out late for mommy – but I don’t really mind. My priorities have changed and there is nowhere I’d rather be than… stuck to my child’s latch or rather, my child stuck to me until she wanders off to dreamland.


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