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A Little Girl’s Dress February 8, 2013

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This is my first attempt at a toddler’s dress and I must say, it turned out pretty well! After weeks of looking for the right pattern – something that was easy enough to follow – and the right design – something cute but versatile, I found one and started it. After 1 failed attempt – something too small – i restarted almost immediately and found myself doing it on my own without the pattern. I just needed to know the start and the shell and the rest was history.

My little girl's dress

My little girl’s dress

There is just one problem to it – the shoulders straps were too long, this time. The first failed attempt was having the shoulder straps to short and narrow, it would not fit comfortably in my baby’s arm. But longer can be remedied manually with a button and removed when she’s bigger and the length added to later on as well.

For this one, I used this pattern as guide and adjusted it to my yarn. I started the pattern with these… adjustments in parenthesis. 

I used Yarn Source Manila’s light worsted yarn in Orchid and Fuschia.

ch 150 + 3 (143 +3)

1st row: DC on 4th ch from hook, 14 DC (15), 3 DC in ch (first corner made), 46 DC (38) , 3DC in ch (second corner made), 28 DC (30), 3DC in ch(third corner made), 46 DC (38), 3 DC in ch (fourth corner made), 14 DC (15)

Continue until you reach the desired width of the shoulder strap.

Make the shoulders/sleaves by skipping stitches between the 1st corner and 2nd corner. From the last DC before the 1st corner, DC onto the 1st DC after the 2nd corner.

Continue the rounds until you reach the desired length of the body.

For the skirt, Shell (2 DC -ch1 – 2DC) and join to close the rounds

Crochet a trim onto the shoulders with shell. Add embelishment.

Add a little embelishment.

Add a little embelishment.


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