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Little Girl’s Summer Top April 5, 2013

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This is super easy to make! It was something I invented after making 2 crochet dresses using the fan stitch.

crochet summer top

I used a japanese hook 5/0 which should translate to 3.0 mm.
I used two Monaco or Cannon threads at a time in the following colors:
Pink (Cannon) – MB089
Violet (Monaco) – B24

To do a fan stitch:
2DC, ch1, 2 DC in same stitch

-Measure your child’s bust line and add 2 -3 inches so that it is loose. Also, this pattern does not have an opening at the back or front so making it a loose top will make is easier for you or child to wriggle into it.
-Chain as long as your measurement above + ch 3
R1: DC onto 4th ch in hook, DC all around

R2: ch 3 (counts as 1st DC) DC, ch1, 2DC in same stitch. sk 1 DC. 1 sc in next, sk 1 DC *Fan stitch in next chain, sk 1 DC, 1 sc in next, sk 1 DC, Fan stitch in next. Repeat * until end. Join in 3rd ch of beginning ch3
R3: sl st to the ch1 space. Ch 3, DC, ch1, 2 DC in same space. *Fan stitch in next ch 1 space. Repeat * until end

Repeat R2 to desired length.

To make ruffles, Fan stitch in every ch1 space and in between fan stitches. In the next row, fan stitch in every ch1 space. Fasten off or make a 3rd row.

Make straps by doing single crochet 3-5 times for each row until desired length.

Get a big button and sew on the straps. Make sure that the button is small enough to fit in between the ch1 space of the fan stitch but big enough so that it doesn’t get unfastened.


2 Responses to “Little Girl’s Summer Top”

  1. Joan Says:

    Hi there! I’m so jealous with your crochet! You’re very good at this. I’m a beginner and still trying to understand how this crochet works. I bought monaco thread from SM and a that ‘tool’ im not sure what it is called. hehe. now i’m looking for a good tutorial. can you please share if you have one? 🙂 tia!

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