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A Blanket of Dreams April 25, 2013

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Dreaming under the warmth of a big cozy blanket while it rains outside is bliss. And that is what I hope to achieve in the coming rainy season… so help me, God.

In the works is my biggest project yet… a Queen sized blanket made of 8-ply hand dyed cotton. I started it during Holy Week – last week of March – when I only had 3 measly balls of 100 grams or so of hand dyed cotton. I tried a row of double crochet and I immediately fell in love with this yarn – with its soft thread and subdued color that can never do you wrong. I knew I had to make the blanket of my dreams in this yarn.

the first few rows

the first few rows

laid out on a king size bed

laid out on a king size bed

even perfect bobbles

even perfect bobbles

different colors combine well

different colors combine well

The hardest part of this project is procuring the yarn – its not so much finding the colors because I would combine any color to get that random effect – but actually reserving the yarn when it comes available. The suppliers only make 1-2 spools of each color per batch and most often than not, I’m a tad bit too late. It sells out in hours! Though suppliers have been accommodating enough to help me – giving me a private pick of unallocated yarn – I still have to keep watch day and night for announcements.

Buying hand-dyed yarn is a challenge

Buying hand-dyed yarn is a challenge

It’s Week 4 of my project.  Here are some numbers:

5 inches = 7 rows. If I plan to make a length of 60 inches, I need 12 * 7 rows. That is 84 rows (If I can make it 90 rows, I would feel better). At the time of this blog, I already have  19 rows, 65 rows to go! 1 row a day = 65 days, roughly 2 months. Plus I intend to put a simple border on it 🙂

Pattern here.


5 Responses to “A Blanket of Dreams”

  1. May Says:

    Is the yarn similar to Monaco thread? I want to do this using a monaco thread, is it possible?

    • reeseyenko Says:

      No, the hand-dyed cotton is not similar to Monaco. This is 8ply, much thicker than Monaco. The 4ply version of this is as thin as Monaco and I would not even dare to make a blanket out of Monaco just because it is tooooo thin. I actually did dare (ha!) to do a baby blanket but i’ve shelved the project as it was taking too long. I also thought of using 3 threads of Monaco (triplicate) but I don’t think you will achieve the bobble effect perfectly with that. Also, you have to use a bigger hook because it tends to stiffen up with 3 threads. Good luck and happy crocheting 🙂

  2. WOW! That is a beautiful blanket!

  3. rosalie Says:

    8ply?saang shop ka po ba bumibili ? magkano po?meron kabang close up photo ng hand dyed cotton na gamit mo?thanks

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