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A Pumping Mom’s Day Out July 1, 2013

Filed under: Breastfeeding,Parenting — reeseyenko @ 2:02 pm

A few days ago was our 7th year wedding anniversary. We have 3 children now – 2 of which are going to school already and the third is a stay-at-home 1-yr old. We stopped going on vacations on our 3rd year. We were just too busy then to plan and be anywhere so since then, we just opted to take a leave from work and eat out or do something.

Now, on #7, still breastfeeding our 19-month old, here’s how my day went:

  • Brought our son to school and by 6am, he was there at the Ateneo Grade School
  • By 630am, we were at CBTL Technohub for our breakfast
  • Left at 730 am – pump in car
  • Play and feed baby her breakfast
  • After which, nurse baby while on facebook
  • Leave at 10am for Trinoma
  • Bought Chatime drinks
  • Went to cinema to buy tickets
  • Ate a light lunch at Bigoli
  • Went inside the cinema at 1130am
  • Came out at 130
  • Pumped at 2pm
  • Had lunch at 230
  • Went around the mall looking for shoes, clothes, etc
  • Bought hubby 2 polos on sale at Giordano
  • Looked for shoes. None that I liked
  • Bought lipstick
  • Go Home
  • Arrived home at 5pm
  • Started homework with my eldest at around 6 while fixing the things we bought, pumped milk, facebook, nursed baby
  • Ate a light dinner
  • Nursed baby to sleep
  • Take a bath
  • go on Facebook
  • then sleep

This isn’t my normal pumping schedule since IT is a special day. Yet, I do try to stick to it and still pump 3x a day and nurse in between pumping sessions if I know the interval is going to be long. I also try to multi-task to get everything done in the limited time I have.


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