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A Mother’s Way to Help August 17, 2012

The recent flooding in Metro Manila is no joke and we have to change. It was said that this is no aberration and expect this to happen every year. It was also said that the situation was aggravated by the garbage problem in the cities – footage of plastic bags of garbage blocking the pathways of water or photos of plastic bags hanging on fences and trees are all over the internet. *yuck* It made me realize even more how important it is to reduce our consumption of plastics and I’m happy that a lot of young people realize this too. This is the time to take things seriously.

As a mother of 2 children still in their diapers, our consumption of disposable diapers is at 50% per child – only using diapers at night – which means 1 pack of 42 (more or less) per month per child. Yet, with all this flooding, I want to lessen our usage of disposables to 20 pieces of disposables in a month per child. Not only will this lessen our expense in the long run, I believe it will do our country good.

So how much will it cost me initially? Cloth diaper prices range from about Php 270 – 550. This normally includes the insert which you put inside the diaper to absorb the wetness.  You would need about 8 pieces if you intend to use it for daytime only – 4 a day and another 4 for alternate. For night time use, you would probably need6-8 more. Cloth diapers available here in the Philippines are of the pocket diaper type. See below:

Here is an updated list of online suppliers that I know sell these:

  • The  Spoiled Girl: sells BabyLeaf Cloth diaper for Php 350 each, inserts for Php 150 each and wet bags

My favorite print from Baby Leaf – Pink Flamingo

  • Choochoobaby: has 2 brands of cloth diaper. The Babyland solid colors diaper for Php350 and the Luvable Friends printed diaper for Php399. They have a wholesale promo for the Babyland diaper: buy 3 for php 1000;5pcs, get 1 free; buy 10pcs, get 3.

Another favorite print – Owls

  • Baby Chic Boutique sells the following brands: Kawaii (Heavy Duty, Bamboo Minky, Happy Leak-free diaper cover, Goodnight Heavey Wetter,  Snazzy Minky), Sunbaby (size 1 and size 2), Baby Wizard (3D Leaking Guard Snap, Supreme velcro, Double row snaps, Three dots snap, Beauty Hook and Loop, Duo Wrap, Groovy Aplix, Bamboo inserts). Baby Wizard diapers cost Php 350 a piece and Php 1000 for 3 pcs. The Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter is Php 450

This is the Double Row snap.
I absolutely love owl prints!

  • Wholesale Washable diaper  sells Alvababy cloth diapers solids for Php 290, printed for Php 310, the double gusset for Php 380,Papoose and Babyland cloth diapers for Php 290. They also have bibs and wet bags

Alva baby cloth diaper in blue animal print. Thank goodness they have cuter prints from 2 years ago.