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My first ring toy January 9, 2013

I stumbled upon this cute ring toy and as I saw it was easy to make, I tried it out.

I used Monaco cotton and made it in ch15, sc 15 all throughout. I love playing around with colors!

crochet ring toy


Nursing love May 5, 2012

I’ve been seeing cute breastfeeding necklaces out there but they all seem so expensive! On etsy, there are crocheted ones and to tell you honestly, that’s what sparked my interest to learn crochet all over again. Now, I am just hooked on it!

Here’s my first crochet breastfeeding necklace. It’s simple enough to make in 30 mins. Soft and safe for baby. Easy for little fingers to grab.

Made of 2 flowers – one violet, one green.

Ch5 join

DC12 join with sl st

2 DC in every DC around, join

3 DC in every DC around, join

2 DC in every DC around, join