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Little Girl’s Summer Top April 5, 2013

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This is super easy to make! It was something I invented after making 2 crochet dresses using the fan stitch.

crochet summer top

I used a japanese hook 5/0 which should translate to 3.0 mm.
I used two Monaco or Cannon threads at a time in the following colors:
Pink (Cannon) – MB089
Violet (Monaco) – B24

To do a fan stitch:
2DC, ch1, 2 DC in same stitch

-Measure your child’s bust line and add 2 -3 inches so that it is loose. Also, this pattern does not have an opening at the back or front so making it a loose top will make is easier for you or child to wriggle into it.
-Chain as long as your measurement above + ch 3
R1: DC onto 4th ch in hook, DC all around

R2: ch 3 (counts as 1st DC) DC, ch1, 2DC in same stitch. sk 1 DC. 1 sc in next, sk 1 DC *Fan stitch in next chain, sk 1 DC, 1 sc in next, sk 1 DC, Fan stitch in next. Repeat * until end. Join in 3rd ch of beginning ch3
R3: sl st to the ch1 space. Ch 3, DC, ch1, 2 DC in same space. *Fan stitch in next ch 1 space. Repeat * until end

Repeat R2 to desired length.

To make ruffles, Fan stitch in every ch1 space and in between fan stitches. In the next row, fan stitch in every ch1 space. Fasten off or make a 3rd row.

Make straps by doing single crochet 3-5 times for each row until desired length.

Get a big button and sew on the straps. Make sure that the button is small enough to fit in between the ch1 space of the fan stitch but big enough so that it doesn’t get unfastened.


My trip to Hangar Market {Baguio} February 4, 2013

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I heard that Baguio has yarns to sell. Well, why not, since a lot of knitted, hand-woven and crocheted items are made there because of the cold weather. So when I heard of Baguio trip in the plans, I took the chance and hauled over the whole family there. Besides, we haven’t been there since my eldest was born 6 years ago and none of the kids have been there so it would be a good chance for the kids to experience something new.

On the last day of our stay, I really had to see for myself what Baguio yarns are all about so off we went to Baguio Central Market. From my research, which consists of asking a store seller caught-in-the-act of making a crocheted dress and our hotel concierge, we found ourselves to the right of the Central Market. From Session road, turn Right and take the pedestrian overpass. I suggest you park at Session Road and walk the rest of the way because there is no legal parking from what we saw. Enter the market and turn right and go straight until you see enter the “gulayan” – that is known as the Hangar Market. When the main path splits into a fork, take the left side going up. Walk a little more. When you see an alley to your left and a staircase, turn right and go up the staircase – the 1st yarn shop should be behind you.

Hangar Market yarn

The first yarn shop at the staircase

Don’t expect all the yarns lined up neatly on the shelves because they are not. The store sellers will help you with the color that you’d like but you are free to dig in as well.


They spin the yarn here as well.

spinning yarn

There are 2 more yarn shops on the 2nd floor. The one is in the middle of the floor, somewhere between the alleys and the other is directly the opposite side, at the top of another staircase.

I bought these lovely pastel colors which I could never get at the online shop I buy from. I am excited to make something out of it! – a summer dress maybe? In hindsight, I should have bought multiple skeins — aaargh!

pastel baguio yarn


My first ring toy January 9, 2013

I stumbled upon this cute ring toy and as I saw it was easy to make, I tried it out.

I used Monaco cotton and made it in ch15, sc 15 all throughout. I love playing around with colors!

crochet ring toy


Delicate Doilys September 2, 2012

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Now, I’ve just completed my doily wave. I was curious and always have been challenged by doilys. Though they are common in our grandparents’ homes, I’ve always seen them as works of art and so I just had to challenge myself.

My 3 doilys – multicolor star doily, white mini star doily and green mini pineapple doily. All made using Monaco mercerized cotton thread.

The star doilies. Top one is multicolored – using 3 threads: apple green, magenta and powder blue. White doily used 1 thread only.

I love my green mini pineapple doily. Needs stiffening with starch spray.

Star doily pattern

Mini pineapple doily pattern


Nursing love May 5, 2012

I’ve been seeing cute breastfeeding necklaces out there but they all seem so expensive! On etsy, there are crocheted ones and to tell you honestly, that’s what sparked my interest to learn crochet all over again. Now, I am just hooked on it!

Here’s my first crochet breastfeeding necklace. It’s simple enough to make in 30 mins. Soft and safe for baby. Easy for little fingers to grab.

Made of 2 flowers – one violet, one green.

Ch5 join

DC12 join with sl st

2 DC in every DC around, join

3 DC in every DC around, join

2 DC in every DC around, join


Handmade with love April 24, 2012

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I’ve been very busy the past March and April. I didn’t even have time to post during the hot days of Holy Week! And why? it’s all because of CROCHET! So far, I’ve made a baby poncho, several hats and several granny squares for an ambitious afghan – but that’s hibernating right now :p Don’t expect any booties right now because so far, they just don’t interest me.

These are the boys with their caps. N’s cap is just a simple beanie. I haven’t learned how to properly decrease at that time so his cap had bits of gaps in them. SKY’s cap is a bobble beret (bulutong cap as i call it).

Boys with their caps

I learned how to bobble (popcorn stitch) via youtube from mikeyssmail

Bobble bonnet

This is a baby kingston cap for my girl. And yet again, I learned from youtube the Crochet Geek

Kingston cap


Where to find the great balls of thread (yarn) March 20, 2012

I’ve gotten into motherhood not long ago – my eldest being just 5 years old – and now, I’ve moved on to grannyhood! No, I don’t have a grandchild. What I do have is an addiction for crocheting 🙂 I’ve scoured the internet for projects – ambitious or otherwise – free patterns and materials – crochet hooks and yarns. Unfortunately, since crocheting is not very popular here in the Philippines, I haven’t come across online suppliers that are selling other yarns that are not available in the malls. Moreover, the materials are not readily available anywhere. But, just like my past addictions (bead-making and scrapbooking), I’ve left no stone unturned looking for the cheapest prices and widest selections of yarn.

Here are my findings:

1. Heavenly Stitch (@ most SM Malls) – thy carry Cannon brand (by Coats) for 55 Php solid color and 65 Php multicolor; around 15 colors in the SM North Edsa branch. They also have the hairy yarn – Familia brand and Red Heart yarn – for about 20 php to 30 php. I’m not too sure how many colors there are for the hairy yarn because I’m not interested in them.

2. Notions at SM Department Store. Monaco and Cannon – 52.75Php for the solid color yarn and 59.75 Php for the multicolor. About 25 colors for Monaco and 7 for Cannon at SM North Edsa

3. Expressions (selected branches; Ever Gotesco Commonwealth) – 62-65Php.; about 10 colors

4. Cherry Fooderama (Congressional) – 41.75 Php for solid color, not sure about multicolored. They have both Monaco – about 20 colors – and Cannon – about 5 colors

The 4 colors I bought from Cherry Fooderama, Congressional

5. Kamuning Market (Del’s stall) – my personal favorite! 38Php for solid, 40 Php for multicolored; 35 Php for wholesale (3 or more pcs). About 35 colors for Monaco! 10 colors for Cannon. They have Anchor also but very limited and lots of Monaco Acrylic yarn (hairy type).

Lovely colors for a baby girl from Kamuning market. I wish I hadn't splurged so much in SM so I could have bought more in Kamuning.

Need I say more  for my favorite???

Edited (4/18/2012)

To add to the list:

6. Johanna’s Threadmart (Visayas avenue, near Tandang Sora) sells the Monaco balls at Php 30.50! And the selection is wide – 40-50 colors.