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embracing mother-ing and all its glory – from wet diapers, spit-ups, tantrums to first smiles, hug-a-bugs and sweet cuddles

Who’s behind all this September 23, 2011

Hi! I am a mother of 2.5 of children – so there’s 2 and yes, there’s one on the way. This is about to change in several months.

You might think “How does a mother of 2.5 children have the time to blog?” Ha! I ask myself the same question! I rarely have time to comment, upload, maintain my FB page (and do some cleaning and cooking) ; moreso create a blog!? However, I find writing relaxing and liberating in some kind of way 🙂

And aside from the “personal” satisfaction, I’d also like to share my thoughts, views, comments on products, foods, toys I have or have been using. From one mother to another OR from one woman to another, always on the lookout for best finds, hope this helps anyone out there willing to read on!!!

I promise to keep it short, simple and with pictures!



One Response to “Who’s behind all this”

  1. Aida Says:

    Id like to buy 6.5 hook and some yarn, pls. Tell me the exact address of this store

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