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~2014~ December 31, 2013

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I never made any resolutions. I was always too lazy to think of meaningful ones and even if I could think of any, I didn’t like pressuring myself to stick to them. I guess I didn’t want to sit down and realize that I wasn’t able to achieve any of them. But next year would be different. For 2014, I might just make some. I want to feel accomplished when I sit back on this day next year and read this post. I want and need a sense of purpose this year.

These are my SMART goals for the year:

  1. I need a financial goal. I’d like to believe that I am earning enough (to support my growing family) and that I am blessed with the opportunity to satisfy our needs and, at the same time, save a little for the future. Thus, I have written the amount I should have saved by June 2014 and Dec 2014 and hid it under this keyboard.
  2. Make date time with hubby more regular. It should be a once-a-week thing or at the very least, twice a month. A simple dinner or coffee out should suffice. 18 date nights should be logged.
  3. Make time for ME – even if it means walking around the mall along for 2-3 hours, that’s okay. At least, 10 dates with myself should be made this year.
  4. Exercise. I plan to take boxing or if not, bike in our stationary bike at least twice a week. For this to be a successful resolution, I should have had at least 35 exercise sessions in the year to come.
  5. Donate more clothes. My closet shouldn’t be bulging by the end of 2014.
  6. Throw away things I don’t use or need. I still don’t know how to measure this.
  7. Eat more healthy. I don’t drink softdrinks or coffee regularly but I need to it more vegetables. A meal of salad substituted for dinner must be made at least once a week. I should have done this 30 times in 2014.

Eyelet l♥ve July 23, 2012

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I simply love eyelet. I think its romantic without being fussy. Its simple yet chic. And in one-colored dresses, it’s the design and character all by itself. So when I saw this on sale at Mothercare, I had to get it even if it just fits my baby right – no allowances. I have contemplated on going to other stores to find a biggers size, even if its way bigger! – Eyelet never goes out of style! And its tiered! LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Mothercare eyelet tiered dress. This is 0-3 months size. I think its way too big for 3 months. It fits my 7mo. baby just right.

Mothercare eyelet tiered dress neckline and sleeves.


Favorites: I’m loving this Peppermint June 11, 2012

It’s not the candy or the chocolate or whatever food that has this flavor. I never liked it on my chocolate and I heard it decreases breastmilk so good for me 🙂 So what  am I talking about?

It’s a clothing brand that is actually soooo cute and affordable! I first spotted this while I was doing our gift registry for my daughter’s baptism. The salesman offered it to me as an option and I just kept spotting one beautiful dress after the other.

Peppermint a clothing brand for children and pre-teens and now they have a line for toddlers starting at 1 year old. I’ve only seen the girls wear but they do have for boys. From what I’ve seen, it has that same feel of Gingersnaps when it comes to design but more elegant rather than casual. The good thing about this is that it is Philippine made so more work for Filipinos – yey!

Off white tiered Peppermint dress with floral applique. Only Php 599.75

The detail is so dainty and elegant.

Boutiques are in ATC , Glorietta 3 Kids zone and SM Megamall 5th level. I do wish they had one in Trinoma. They are, however, in most SM Department stores.  Check out their facebook page for more information.

This is going to be on my top list of favorite children’s clothes brands together with Mothercare, Periwinkle and Gingersnaps.