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The success of a parent July 8, 2013

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I saw this post on Facebook by Pinky McKay.

separation anxiety

And I couldn’t help but be amazed at how breastfeeding has greatly shaped my parenting beliefs and style. From the instant and “snap” culture that we have to the downright slow, persevering and hardwork it takes to express milk, I no longer believe that children need to learn independence once they are born or to know the alphabet when they turn 1. That babies and children have their own learning and growth curve, that nobody – not your doctor, not scientists or researchers who make the charts, not advertisements – can dictate what your child should be doing at a certain age or how heavy or tall your child should be. Your child is YOURS – a sum of its parents, a sum of 2 very different people, a unique being that cannot be plotted in a chart or a curve or made to fit in a mold dictated by medical practitioners from across the globe. You know your child by touching her, feeding her and loving her which all requires time – lots and lots of time starting into each others eyes, kissing her forehead a hundred times a day while she lays on your lap, cheeks pressed against your skin and taking in your smell…even if you’ve had a long day.
Yet, as your child is YOURs, you are also HERS or HIS – you bear a responsibility to your child to see to her wellness and well-being, to provide security and a safe haven, to ensure that she is getting the best of everything and that she is developing at a rate that is comfortable to her and you. You owe it to her to present her with as much opportunities for her development and growth.

From believing that the success of a man or woman is measured by the notches he/she has climbed in the corporate ladder, I measure success by how happy and content their children are.


A Pumping Mom’s Day Out July 1, 2013

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A few days ago was our 7th year wedding anniversary. We have 3 children now – 2 of which are going to school already and the third is a stay-at-home 1-yr old. We stopped going on vacations on our 3rd year. We were just too busy then to plan and be anywhere so since then, we just opted to take a leave from work and eat out or do something.

Now, on #7, still breastfeeding our 19-month old, here’s how my day went:

  • Brought our son to school and by 6am, he was there at the Ateneo Grade School
  • By 630am, we were at CBTL Technohub for our breakfast
  • Left at 730 am – pump in car
  • Play and feed baby her breakfast
  • After which, nurse baby while on facebook
  • Leave at 10am for Trinoma
  • Bought Chatime drinks
  • Went to cinema to buy tickets
  • Ate a light lunch at Bigoli
  • Went inside the cinema at 1130am
  • Came out at 130
  • Pumped at 2pm
  • Had lunch at 230
  • Went around the mall looking for shoes, clothes, etc
  • Bought hubby 2 polos on sale at Giordano
  • Looked for shoes. None that I liked
  • Bought lipstick
  • Go Home
  • Arrived home at 5pm
  • Started homework with my eldest at around 6 while fixing the things we bought, pumped milk, facebook, nursed baby
  • Ate a light dinner
  • Nursed baby to sleep
  • Take a bath
  • go on Facebook
  • then sleep

This isn’t my normal pumping schedule since IT is a special day. Yet, I do try to stick to it and still pump 3x a day and nurse in between pumping sessions if I know the interval is going to be long. I also try to multi-task to get everything done in the limited time I have.